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Annie & Eyal in the Covert Affairs season 5 trailer [x]

I ship myself with doors.  Open work spaces are my NOTP.


HQ Stills - Luke Evans Photoshoot for GQ Magazine 2014 - (x)


Story time! My best friend decided that when we took our photo with Misha and Mark we would have them put their hands on our butts. It was finally our turn and as she was asking Misha about touching our butts Mark was busy talking to me about my hair. “Oh my god that hair! It’s beautiful, I love it.” And he’s saying all of that while he’s touching and playing with my hair so I was freaking out! He and I were both so distracted that we missed the butts conversation and had to quickly get ready for the pic and he ended up in my spot. They took the photo, I asked Misha for a hug, and as we were walking away we heard a very confused Mark say, “Misha, why was your hand on my butt?”

I’ve always heard that they’re all even better looking in person and they were right. Holy shit! Jensen put his hand on my shoulder and asked how I was doing. I made the mistake (best mistake of my life) of looking into his eyes. All I could say was, “Hi.” After we took the pic I said thanks to Jared and when I started to walk away he stopped me and told me that gorgeous hair. Jared. King moose of amazing hair. Told me. I had gorgeous hair.

So, yeah. I had a pretty fucking great weekend. I have more pics and some videos to put up later.


Mark Sheppard at Dallascon [x]




Ok, guys. Prepare to have your minds blown. Ahem.

I ask you this: what was the capital city of the Monroe Republic? The city Bass refers to as “their” city, the one they chose? 

Answer: Philadelphia.

Next question: do you know what Philadelphia means? 

Answer: Philadelphia was named after a city in Asia Minor. The name came from Greek words φιλεω (phileo) ”to love" and  αδελφος  (adelphos) ”brother" Philadelphia literally means and is often called "The City of BrotherlyLove” Miles and Bass’ cit was “The City of Brotherloy Love”, guys!!!!!!!!!!! 

Good catch. I’ve always assumed it was where they got tired of walking.

I feel like a Wincester should jump out of the bushes and jack this post.  But in the meantime, I’m just here to snicker.



bea2me replied to your post “schreberpants replied to your post:aw yisss can’t wait to read it and…”

Are we sexually harassing Jade and mourning Davechicken? Make some space, my lovely bitch goddesses! I’ve got procrastinating to do.

*pulls up a chair*  I’m personally up for a lap dance right about now.



I know Matt Cohen was in this movie.  I’m not sure if he’s in this gif. 

God bless America.  What movie is this from?

 Favorite Dean Expressions: The stop-and-blink

#SPN 10 countdown challenge  |  day 18 - episode 18, season 5
It’s not too hard to figure out the stops on the Farewell Tour.

Road Trip (9x10) - Delected scene [x]

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